Reveille Jr.

(15 customer reviews)

$2.45/ 2 per pkg.

A Fantastic Panfish Pre-Rigged 2 1/2″ Plastic Worm For Bluegills, Trout, Crappies And Even Bass. Two No. 8 Mustad Hooks. Hand Tied-Hand Sewn 14 lb. Test Inside Leader. Two Soft Plastic Pre-Rigged Worms Per Pack. Available Now in 8 colors.


15 reviews for Reveille Jr.

  1. Jonathon Gouker

    Best to troll with the walleyes love them just 2 split shot 14″ away with the Jr at about 18-20ft of water bam your catching

  2. Adam Williams (verified owner)

    The best bait ever made to catch monster bluegill!

  3. Kevin Ledford (verified owner)

    I have caught hundreds if not thousands of fish on these little worms since the late 70’s. An old timer told me about these in souther Michigan and they are simply the best. We use them on Coldwater lake to catch bass, perch, bluegill, crappie, rock bass, wamouth, and every other specie they drop in front of. I am planning to start a fishing class for children. This will be the bait. Simple, effective and amazing

  4. elbertgarrett (verified owner)

    Ordering was fast and efficient and now I`m ready give `em a try on the Lower Mountain Fork.

  5. Tim Hochmuth

    These are almost unbelievable. Me and my 10 year old son cannot keep track of how many bass we catch on night using these and the 2 hook weedless we caught over 60 bass

  6. Grace (verified owner)

    We do some special requests. Please call us at 260-484-5313 Mon – Thur. 9-3pm if there is no answer leave a message and phone number and we will call you back.
    Bass Tackle USA

  7. Gary nelson

    Love the reveille jr.

  8. JIm Seres

    These baits are fantastic caught hundreds of fish with these, and infected many kids with the fishing fever, catching lots of fish and having lots of fun!!! Deadly on Bass on Lake Huron

  9. Rob smith

    I am a teen getting into fishing I have always used live bait then I saw a kelly worm in my dads box and I rigged it caught my first bass and went out again and caught two more made my day

  10. Charley C

    I have been using the Reveille Jr since the early 80’s and have caught 100’s of fish on them from West Virginia to Nebraska. In Illinois I caught and released 43 bass in one day, in Iowa I caught and released 15 northern in 45 minutes at Spirit Lake, IA. I use to purchase Reveille Jr by the card full and would hand them out to any one fishing near me just to share them. Recently handed 3 packages to fellow Sunday School class mates and explained how well they worked for me while fishing.

  11. Robin (verified owner)

    My brother and I bought some of these at a little bait shop on Clark’s Lake in Michigan some 35 years ago. Had never seen them and thought we would try them. Believe me when I say, I have caught every species of freshwater fish with these and these work anywhere and all ways. We nicknamed them the “do nothing worms”, because all you have to do is cast them out and fish bring them back, I swear to God! I always carry them with me fishing, and if I come across some kids fishing, I share with them. These have to be the best fishing lures on the planet! Thanks, Rob

  12. barnes (verified owner)

    for large bluegill and small bass there is no better bait!!!

  13. Randolph

    I’ve been using these for over 25 years! I wouldn’t go fishing with out them. I’ve caught southern Indiana bluegills,bass and Boundary Waters small mouth bass with them.

  14. Jim Wesley (verified owner)

    I’ve been using Plow Jockey’s and Reville Jr. For many years. I fish mostly ponds and catch bass and bluegill when no other bait will.

  15. Ryan Ferguson

    My father-in-law got me hooked on these! I use a white one with a 1/8 oz. split shot and fish it low and slow, gets them every time!

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